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       ,。 has been 6 years since its establishment, which can be described as 6 years of entrepreneurship, 6 years of wind and rain, and 6 years of harvest。 From the initial start-up to the realization of corporate management, we have gone through a period of hard work and sweat paved the road of struggle。 We would like to thank all sectors of society for their strong support and selfless care for ,。 and the dedicated employees who work hard in all positions!


       Only by self-confidence and hard work can one achieve something, especially for an enterprise。 The vast sea of business, thousands of boats competing。 Self confidence makes us more confident in this environment where competition and development coexist, opportunities and challenges coexist, and strive to let us learn to be down-to-earth and unremitting pursuit。 With these two points, enterprises have taken root in their development。 It enables everyone in the enterprise to shine the light of humanity and wisdom in their life and work, and makes our cooperators welcome the future with more confidence as we do。 This is not only our wealth, but also our value, but also our motivation and belief to provide every high-quality service for our customers。 Excellent ideas come from excellent culture。 "To set up a heart for Xinshuo, to set up a life for those who follow, to succeed talents for prosperity, and to set a precedent for climbing the heights" is the principle and goal that Xinshuo people always pursue。 This is the essence of our corporate culture, our spiritual value system, and the spiritual source that guides us through the past few years and continue to create the future。 ,。 is striving to create a business platform with fair competition and only ability, so that people with both political integrity and ability can realize the value of life。 At the same time, it actively undertakes more and greater social responsibilities, and creates greater economic benefits and transports more excellent talents for the society through the improvement of its own business performance。


       In the future, ,. will continue to follow the trend, seize the opportunity, change ideas, explore and innovate, nurture people with excellent culture, shape people with mature management, motivate people with advantageous salary, and work together with all colleagues to promote the greater development of ,., and create the career development of , Show new brilliance.


Address: No. 606, section 5, Zhongshan street, Longcheng District, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province
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